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Hello there, and thanks for visiting Rear-View Jewels! We strive to make the cutest car air fresheners around! Taking a break from the mundane and over-used car air fresheners that leave a small forest on the floors of your cars, our car freshies are designed with style and flair! Made from quality aromatic materials, each on of our products is designed to retain their smells, as well as their cute designs. Each one of our products is hand made by our team and thoroughly inspected to guarantee its quality. We stand behind our products and are certain you'll love them!

If hanging car air fresheners from your rear-view mirror isn't quite your style, we also offer a line of car vent clips that will easily slide onto the vent rails of your vehicle. Each of our car clips is made from the same materials and scents our freshies and come with all the same promises of wonderful smells and adorable shapes. Each vent clip can be tailored to the orientation of your car vents that way you won't end up with a sideways or an upside down vent clip air freshener.

Whatever your vehicle aroma needs may be, we aim to deliver. Let us know what you'd like to see by sending us an email to cs@rearviewjewels.com or sending us a message via our website or social media! We also love seeing how you use your freshies so be sure to post your pictures to our social media boards!

Stay fresh!

- Your Rear-View Jewels Team
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