Checkered Circle Vent Clips 2 piece | Strawberry Daiquiri Scent For Horizontal or Vertical vents

Checkered Circle Vent Clips 2 piece | Strawberry Daiquiri Scent For Horizontal or Vertical vents

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Who said that getting rid of bad odors in your car couldn't look glamorous? Rear-View Jewel's car vent clips are the cutest way to accessorize and deodorize your car! The best car air freshener you could ask for is one that eliminates bad smells and offers a fresh car fragrance in return. That's where these car clips come in. Made from high quality, long-lasting car fragrance materials, these car clips will come attached to slide-on vent clips that can be set to match your car's vent orientation. Glamorize your car's dashboard and other areas of your vehicle with ease. Your car vent clips are about to become your new obsession so be sure to come back for more fun shapes and smells!

Our car vent air freshener clips freshies have found the best use in cars, RVs, trucks, drawers, and other small areas that need a bit of fresh scent. Use your vent clip air freshener however you see fit! Share your creative ideas with us on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

A word to the wise: We use fragrance oils in each of our vent clips to give them the very best smells. Because oils can leave a residue, you should not place this car vent air freshener on your clothing or other surfaces that are prone to staining. Not suitable for handling by children or pets.

Because of the hand-made nature of each car vent clip, color and shape may vary slightly between products. Please leave any specific details you would like applied to your order in the comments section at checkout and we will do our best to create your order to perfection!

Scent Descriptions

Strawberry Daiquiri - Fruity fusion of strawberry and guava with passion fruit and mango for a sweet tropical blast

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